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The group of artists called Art-TRA Barcelona is made up of ten creators from different disciplines who have recently been set up as a group, although there has long been a link between them, as at other times they have shared exhibitions or well they have participated in various associations. Now we have the opportunity to see his recent work in the Sala Ca Revolta, where the public will find a wide range of pictorial proposals, as due to the special features - it is a multifunctional space - offered by the room, no there are sculptural pieces. Most of the works move within the abstract and conceptual section. All members of the group live and work in Barcelona with a long experience in the exhibition field, both nationally and internationally.

As it is complex to dedicate a wide commentary to the work of each of them, I will only refer to the aspects that I consider most important and representative. In the case of Neus Aller, he usually uses the mixed media technique and collage on handmade paper or wood. His compositions, whether they revolve around representing a kind of singular landscape, or if they delve into the most poetic and spiritual realm, exude sincerity and expressiveness.

In summary, we could add that the work of the Art-Tra group perfectly reflects the different ways of representing contemporary art in our country, and that only their paintings are exhibited, because if we had the opportunity to see the rest of the disciplines they habitually develop, we would have an even broader and more reliable view of their creative value.


Ramon Casalé Soler

Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA)

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