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WINGS IN THE WIND, comic, about my childhood. In 2017


"THE SAD CITY". In 1976


“BUTTONS” Year 1990 Commissioned by IES Cardedeu


“Auca boda Àngel Mestres i Laura” Commission 1993


“Auca boda Jordi López i Núria Vives” Commission 1993


"Biography of Carme Iduarte". Year 1996. Commissioned by IES Cardedeu. It belongs to Carme Iduarte.


“ANGELS” 1997. Belongs to Montserrat Masgrau


"NUS MALE". Books by artists 1998. It belongs to Lluís Miñarro.


“ORPHEUS”. Artist books 1999. Belongs to Francesc Viñas.

18 drawings to do a psychological test. Commissioned by Anna Pallarès. In 2000.


"Fable of Ceix and Alcíone". Artist books 2000


“The metamorphosis of Marta” Comic, 53 leaves, 2007


“My first comic. Luke and his bear ”2007


“The Sad City” Comic, 9 pages, 2010


“El abrelatas del corazón” comic, 12 pages 2011


“La casa de todos los cuentos” comic, 8 pages 2011


“Wings in the Wind” Comic, 69 pages, 2017


Twelve travel comics, different years

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